Dr Pan should be investigated by the California Board of Medical Licensure. I am a retired pediatric specialist and I am appalled by so many of my colleagues. The American Academy of Pediatrics has been a lost cause, enthusiastically embracing Progressive causes and entirely eschewing any effort to obtain the input of its dues-paying members. This current practice is responsibly contrasted by our informed colleagues in Europe - a shocking indictment of the pediatric community.

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Great post, thanks! These individuals who support this medicalized, legalized assault against our children are psychopaths. Each and every one. Difficult to even imagine the distorted consciousness capable of justifying this serial child abuse.

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I am a CASA, currently in Twitter jail for calling this a mental health issue. (But I am unaware of any high-suicide-ideation group NOT considered a mental health population!)

After two generations of non-parental care in early life, we've decimated what used to be "common knowledge" about children. Our young doctors and young parents now seem to have *no clue* about kids, what is normal, and how they develop (Piaget, Bowlby, Beebe, Schore, etc). So they are easily subject to misinformation.

I was a teen in the 1970's, and then I raised three teens in the 2000's, prior to the word "gender" ever being uttered by any teen, so I have life experience that calls bullshit on this entire phenomenon, not to mention my CASA knowledge about Developmental Trauma-- the symptom list concords very neatly, too neatly, with 'signals you might be trans.'.

After going "full meds" in Psychiatry, we have *pediatricians* and *endocrinologists* addressing problems that are better served by developmental psychology, and right brain specific modalities. Early life, 0-3 is preferentially a time for growth of the RIGHT brain.

Only certain kinds of psychological therapies can touch early trauma encoded in RIGHT brain. CBT is a LEFT brain therapy.

Neurofeedback can work with right brain. Somatic Psychotherapy, NARM. Or long term attachment focused psychotherapy offering a reparative relational experience (years duration). These specialized therapies are needed to address traumas in infancy and early life that so many kids are suffering today. Because nobody considers it "trauma" to drop a 6 week old off for 10 hours a day. Of course, it is: cortisol patterning of daycare raised kids is OPPOSITE of home-reared (mom/nanny). Normal cortisol falls all day. Daycare babies have rising cortisol. This patterning persists into teens.

It breaks my brain that anyone intelligent enough to complete Med School can't do the Occam's Razor analysis here. The groups massively overrepresented among Trans ID are all groups who struggle to feel whole, seen, embodied, and happy-- for well-understood, time-worn reasons like abandonment, neurodivergence, trauma, bullying, homophobia, reactive attachment disorder, and sexual abuse. THOSE problems all get a pass now, thanks to gender.

"Gender" is whitewashing the developmental trauma a great many children in America experience today. That's the problem we need to solve.

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It really seems like a full-throated push to convince us all that youth are capable of full body-autonomy, alongside the notion that children are human sexual beings capable of feeling sexual pleasure. These two things together do not bode well for the future of our youth, particularly without the same intensity of investigation being put into the frameworks of consent, assent, and coercion in these immature brains.

We are watching in real time the age of “consent” for sexuality wiggling its way down, and as these become more accepted into the mainstream, many sexual abusers and traffickers will morph into lovers and caretakers in the collective mind.

It’s tragic and insidious.

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As horrible as all this is I’m glad more people at least are starting to recognize Richard Pan for the evil pharma shill he is. The man has repeatedly lied about bills in the past and it is not a stretch to imagine he is lying now. It is far past time for him to lose an election.

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Given that we know from the days of watchful waiting that the majority of gender dysphorics desist, become content with their sex, and most often become functional gay adults, there is a sinister side to affirmative care that does not get emphasized enough. Tens of thousands of children and adolescents who would have gone on to grow into the next generation of gays and lesbians have been "cured" of this tendency by turning them into surgical and endocrinological creatures worthy of Dr Frankenstein. This is simply radical conversion therapy, and no different to the choice offered to homosexuals in Iran. One day, we may look back on this as a holocaust that destroyed a generation of gay people, with places like the Tavistock Clinic as the camps that irrevocably changed those lives. I cannot imagine the torment of people who have permanently ruined their bodies, given up all possibility of having children, or even just having sex and an orgasm, just because no one would say 'no' to their teenage fantasies, when the reality hits home. And the guilt their 'supportive' parents will endure when they realise what they have permitted? Unendurable. That my medical colleagues should have willingly caused such injury, and in the name of doing good and relieving distress? They should feel only shame.

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Excellent! Additionally, "social transitioning and affirmation" are narcissist-paths, which will lower IQ from lack of challenge, making the special, brave, courageous "trans" individual immune to any criticism, ever. They learn that their illogic will always be respected, and they can manipulate their way out of responsibility and ownership of false claims, emotional blackmail and narcissistic abuse of everyone around them. Detransitioners often admit this was the case. We must listen to them.

I saw my ex-husband's writing literally take a quality dive, as the years went on after his surgeries. He continues to insist he's entitled to be named as 'mother' of our children, swallowing the myth that he's "more of a woman" than any woman, but especially more than me, in his jealous rage, because I am the woman he witnessed in natural childbirth of our two sons.

Ute Heggen, author, In the Curated Woods, True Tales from a Grass Widow (iuniverse, 2022)


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Very informative and runs counter to the broader narrative.

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