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There’s a great principle in the debate about gay “outing” that is relevant here, the difference between secret and private. If someone thinks something is wrong they keep it secret. If someone thinks their being gay themselves is bad they keep it secret. Outing someone who is gay is not bad because there is nothing bad about being gay. Keeping it a secret actually tells people that there’s something that needs to be hidden about being gay. It’s homophobic.

What people do with others sexually is private. That’s nobody’s business but their own. Their private needs and desires should be something they can trust that they need share only with someone they are intimate with.

These people are keeping these discussions secret because having them is bad. They are bad because they are deceiving the parents irrespective of the subject. By telling the children to deceive their parents they are compounding the problem by training the children to understand that discussions of gender and sexuality are bad, and must be be secret, and lied about.

The children are being trained to be “in the closet”, the adults involved are literally grooming children to lie to their parents about sex as a general principle.

This is indistinguishable from a pedophile grooming a child to lie to parents about sexual discussions. One of the first things parents teach children directly or indirectly to do to protect them from sexual predators is to tell them if someone tells them to lie to their parents about sex.

Children should not keep discussions of sexual topics with anyone ever a secret from their parents.

As children grow older they need some privacy as they think and explore sexual feelings and actions. That’s completely different in kind and degree.


It’s a new variation on the theme similar to the McMartin school investigators sexual grooming of children by adults to lie about sex.

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These groomers need some parent street justice

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Much of this is very concerning. However, the quote “talking really explicitly and seriously about sexuality and gender” sounds like it may have been taken out of context. Are you able to provide more information about the content of these clubs that would help back up this quote?

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Keep an eye out for after school "Teen Clubs" also. A place where teens can hang out to do their homework, or play board games, etc. A teenager I know who was straight went to one and soon he was part of a gay-affirming presentation on stage in front of the community. It was pushed and started in the teen club in Middle School. He's doing fine and has a girlfriend, but I was surprised by how a place that's supposed to be a safe place for kids to hang out after school to do homework became ideological, quickly.

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