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Here's a teacher contribution to the truth telling regarding a silly and non-professional "curriculum piece," formerly "Genderbread Man" now called "Gender Unicorn" in the latest rendition. It was designed, as all things trans, by indoctrinated youth, paid with pharma money for their input. In 25 years of teaching in early grades, 4 children I taught expressed cross-sex ideation (many also expressed identities of Little Pony and Hello Kitty until I reminded them what horses and kittens eat for lunch) and these children all responded to my attention and positive reactions to well done work and helpfulness. I ignored the cross-sex ideation, everyone went into the correct bathrooms. They desisted of their own volition, despite a couple of "affirming" woke parents, and talked about that phase as if it was a pretend friend, another normal childhood fantasy.


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Good work Colin. Speaking of Leor Sapir's fine work. I think this could be a great resource for laypeople who don't have the time to comb through all the bogus studies pushed by the woke. Trans activists really are convinced suicide is the only alternative to transitioning. We need an army of wonks debunking that stuff. I mentioned your substack when Matt Walsh was confronted with a student claiming over 30 studies show improved mental health, less suicide with transitioning. Hopefully you get some new subscribers. I would simply make a very visible "debunking" section so people don't have to guess what terms to search

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