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I don't understand how anyone who calls themselves Progressive can reconcile their claimed humane and compassionate values with the harms and injustice being perpetuated by gender ideology generally, and self-ID laws specifically. Just shows the extent to which they are living in a fantasy world.

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It boggles the mind.

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My son is a trans man and no one talks about what an atrocity it would be to put a trans man in a men's prisons: most trans men have vaginas and are physically much smaller than genetic men.

I have quit the Democratic party over this issue. I will not vote for anyone who denies biological reality and endangers women, children, and trans men like my son.

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Great piece! Why do so many progressives claim to care about the marginalized and oppressed, while they continue to throw this most marginalized and oppressed group into situations of systematic torture? All who think of themselves as progressive *must* look at this issue - if that's you, and you ignore it, you're a blatant hypocrite. Wake up! If you think that the "poor transwomen" need protection from imprisoned men, then what about the actual, biological *women*? Do those women just not count? Or maybe you think that they've done wrong to deserve imprisonment, so this is what they deserve. What if it was *YOUR* daughter - or mother - in that jail cell with a convicted rapist? Is torture part of the sentence? "Ten years of imprisonment AND TORTURE"?

Get a grip, pseudo-progressives. Stop lying to yourselves and the rest of us.

"If you self-identify as a progressive or a liberal, this is an issue you should care about deeply, because women—right now—are being hurt. This should not be flattened into a one-dimensional Right versus Left debate. These draconian laws are cruel to one of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in our society: incarcerated women." - Elizabeth Hummel

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Just this week this man, Shane Jacob Green (25 yo) who is being charged for two counts of Sexual Assault in Ontario Courts, declared, during his bail hearing, he was now Stephanie.


We are in deep trouble when the judge and lawyers in the room - glibly go along with this.

While over in Oakville, Ontario, a deeply disturbed man sports gigantic breasts with erect nipples - and the Director of Education for the Halton District School Board @HaltonDSB Curtis Ennis - claims we need to respect his gross sexualizing behaviour and go along with the fiction that this man is a woman.

Help me Obi-Wan-Kenobi you are my only hope!

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Notice how this is not a high profile issue in left wing circles though. Most Democratic politicians seem won’t even speak out in favor of trans “girls” in girls sports (the Biden administration specifically excluded sports from its “gender inclusive” guidelines for public schools). I wonder why. They pay lip service to this ideology behind closed doors but never want to be accountable to it before the public.

Anywho, I feel like if any issue ends up with the Supreme Court, it will be this one.

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Amen! It's despicable that this is being allowed and encouraged. So tired of women being erased and now threatened like this too.

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Elizabeth Hummel covers it all on the males-in-womens'-prisons front; I recommend clicking on every one of the underlined citation phrases, for the case studies. "What-about-ism" is constant in the trans+ally world. How else could they center the "constant victimhood" of cross-sex ideating individuals? The "identity" will always be one of victimhood and active rage at biological reality.

On the diagnostic malpractice, Dr. Stephen B. Levine's March 17, 2022 paper:


It's never a stable diagnosis. The "treatments" are inherently dangerous--even "affirmation" is not benign, because the mentally ill person is constantly coddled. There is no measure to determine who will de-transition in 7 weeks, 7 months, 7 years, even 37 years. For reference to when doctors don't correct mistakes, see under medical malpractice histories of thalidomide, diethylsilbestriol (DES) and lobotomies. Plain and simple, its junk science based on junk science stemming from ignored histories of trauma/autism/abuse.

I know, my husband went down this path in 1992, his groomers claimed I needed to learn "sex role play" and "keep your family together." I said no, and kept my self-respect.

I'm now in touch with Candice Jackson Bone of the Jackson Bone law firm, who is starting to take malpractice cases from regretters. Updates on our collaborations at


Ute Heggen, author, In the Curated Woods, True Tales from a Grass Widow (iuniverse, 2022)

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Thanks for yet another overwhelmingly logical argument against woke policies. The conflation of other kinds of violence and injustice in our prisons is IRRELEVANT to the importation of predatory males into prisons for biologic women. Our elected representatives need to document this problem and confront solutions. This whole transgender craze has deeply undermined so many facets of our daily lives. The destruction is widespread and I sometimes despair of having a future opportunity to look back in a sober fashion at what would then be obvious evil. Women's groups should be screaming the loudest. Are they?

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Well said. It is infuriating how these "smoke bombs" are obscuring the real womens' issues in need of genuine, compassionate attention & effective, swift resolutions.

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As I read this, the Geneva Convention came to mind.... oh how far we have fallen:


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If you took 1000 men who claim to be trans women

Then you took 1000 men...

You would find more sex offenders in the "trans women" category.

That's a fact (stats are from the Ministry of Justice). I don't want it to be the case. I don't love that it's the case. It just IS the case.

Trans women are statistically more likely to be sex offenders than regular blokes.

That's odd. They're women...

(Hint: No, they're not).

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allowing men into womens bathrooms, locker rooms and shelters and prisons is a esay way for criminals to abuse the system and victimize innocent women. if this continues criminals will start persecuting and killing transgdners the same wya they do to pedos, rapists and molestors in prison and on the streets

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I still can't shake the thought that this whole "woke-gender-insanity" must have emanated from the bowels of Langley and been supported and nurtured through the CIA's tentacles. It's just too perfect a method to totally fracture and fragment progressive groups and movements. The quote below has always stayed with me. Then CIA director William Casey was asked about the effectiveness of the CIA's disinformation propaganda efforts and responded with:

"We'll Know Our Disinformation Program is Complete When Everything The American Public Believes is False." - William Casey, CIA Director 1981

Well - if as a society we can longer differentiate between men and women without controversy - it would seem we're in - "mission accomplished" - territory for the CIA. "Material reality" has simply been done away with - "officially." When the big foundations, the NGOs, academia and business all line up with government on a specific topic - it behoves us to ask - "why" and "how this came to be?"

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As it does not seem that the non binary community is going away we will likely need non-binary prisons or wings of prisons. This will still end up with men and women in the same space - but it at least will be only the non-binaries in the same space. That may make them realise the issues a little more clearly when they are the ones being targeted by predators.

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Between this and COVID1984, there’s no reason for me to BE on the left anymore

Throwing back in their faces that the right is showing more care for the safety and concerns of women than the left currently and that plenty of women are realizing it SHOULD act as such a “smoke bomb” for THEM

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