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Thank you, I guess one not expected side for this pandemic was to be locked at home and I ended up reading more, and I am glad I found your articles on Twitter (I Left Twitter because I got tired of the censorship) anyways - my LO is 11 and her friends are texting now how they are "gay ace"or "bi"- I explained to my daughter that it may be true for some, but not to the degree that we see, and with kids outside of school I have seen more and more. Anyways, the girl said "I am wrong" , but it is a battle and even worse in CA where they promote this everywhere in schools

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These weekly recaps are excellent! I hadn't heard of Teen Talk, so a big thank you for sharing stories from around the world.

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OK that was quite a bit different from what I was expecting, I assumed it would be like twitter, just a rehasing of how bad things are. Instead it was a thoughtful well thought overview of the issues. Something I could comfortable forward to someone. In particular I like how you explained what the issue was and why the current point of view is wrong. Very good for those not to familar with this.

Another idea, perhaps a link at the bottom of each email with resources on how to fight back. Links to things like the Free Speech Union FAQ page or Quilelettes article on beating back cancel culture. Links to organizations fighting againt CRT etc.




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