What Is Reality’s Last Stand?

Reality’s Last Stand is a publication dedicated to providing weekly news, articles, and other content about the biology of sex and sex differences, gender ideology, Critical Social Justice, free speech, and related topics.

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A free subscription means new articles will be sent directly to your inbox. All articles will remain free for everyone. This is because I believe this content is too important to hide behind a paywall. I would rather this content reach 1 million people for free than a few hundred for money.

This being the case, I rely entirely on readers’ support to be able to dedicate my time to writing and editing all the content. So if you enjoy and/or find the content useful, please consider upgrading to a paid subscription.

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While all articles will never be placed behind a paywall, I do offer weekly bonus content for paying subscribers.

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  • Community Chat: Each week there will be a new Community Chat discussion thread where paying subscribers can chat about the latest news, or anything they like! I will be very active in these Community Chats to get to know my readers!

  • More to come…

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Reality’s Last Stand is looking to publish high quality writing on biological sex, sex differences, gender ideology, Critical Social Justice, free speech, and related topics.

If you would like to have your writing published in Reality’s Last Stand, please send a completed draft with a brief summary to realityslaststand@gmail.com

Who am I?

I am an evolutionary biologist. I received my PhD in evolutionary biology and ecology from UC Santa Barbara in 2018. After graduate school I was an Eberly Research Fellow at Penn State, during which time I became increasingly frustrated with how gender ideology was influencing public discourse and perpetuating harmful pseudoscience regarding the nature of biological sex.

I began writing publicly about these issues in late 2018, and haven’t looked back since. My writing has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Times, Quillette, and other major news outlets and peer-reviewed journals. I have been a guest on popular TV shows and podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience, Tucker Carlson Tonight, Triggernometry, Timcast IRL, and many more.

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Colin Wright
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