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What Is Reality’s Last Stand?

Reality’s Last Stand is a publication dedicated to providing weekly news, articles, and other content about gender ideology and the science of sex differences.

In recent years we have seen the sudden rise of a narrative insisting that males and females are mere social constructs that exist along a spectrum or—even more extreme—that one’s sex is defined by self-declared identity instead of objective biology.

Why do I focus so much on this particular issue? Because biological sex is a fundamental aspect of human biology, and denying the existence of males and females as real biological categories will not only prevent us from gaining important insight about the nature of our species, but will also cause harm and injustice in areas where sex differences matter. Furthermore, denying obvious facts about reality greatly erodes the public’s trust in science.

Who am I?

I am an evolutionary biologist. I received my PhD in evolutionary biology and ecology from UC Santa Barbara in 2018. After graduate school I was a Research Fellow at Penn State, during which time I became increasingly frustrated with how gender ideology was influencing public discourse and perpetuating harmful pseudoscience regarding the nature of biological sex.

I began writing publicly about these issues in late 2018, and have since become a leading voice on the topic. My writing has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Times, Quillette, and other major news outlets and peer-reviewed journals. I have been a guest on popular TV shows and podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience, Tucker Carlson Today, Triggernometry, Timcast IRL, and many more.

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