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What Is Reality’s Last Stand?

This publication is largely, but not entirely, dedicated to raising awareness about and combating prevalent ideologies that deny the reality of the existence of males and females as natural biological categories. In recent years we have seen the sudden rise of a narrative insisting that males and females are mere social constructs that exist along a spectrum or—even more extreme—that one’s sex is defined by self-declared identity instead of objective biology.

But why focus so much on this particular issue? So what if some people are wrong about the nature of biological sex? Because in my view this may be reality's last stand. If this undeniable fact—that biological sex is real—can be denied en masse, this means we have lost our collective tether to reality and we become hostages to chaos.

To learn more about the dangers of denying the reality of biological sex, see my and Dr. Emma Hilton’s essay “The Dangerous Denial of Sex,” originally published in The Wall Street Journal. And to understand the fundamental problems with the “spectrum” model of biological sex, see my article “Sex Is Not a Spectrum,” originally published in Quillette.

Who am I?

I am currently the Managing Editor for Quillette, a publication dedicated to free thought. I am an evolutionary biologist by training, having received my PhD in evolutionary biology and ecology from UC Sanata Barbara in 2018 studying collective personalities in social insects and arachnids. After graduate school I spend two years at Penn State as an Eberly Research Fellow, during which time I became increasingly frustrated with the way gender ideology was influencing public discourse surrounding the nature of biological sex. I began objecting publicly in late 2018 when I published my first essay on the topic in Quillette—“The New Evolution Deniers.”

Since then sex denialism has only become more and more prevalent, and so I have remained focused on providing content aimed at educating both the public and greater scientific community about “sex spectrum” pseudoscience and the harms caused by gender ideology.

For all of my essays on this issue, see the list below:

In the spring of 2020 I left academia following a series of attempts to destroy my reputation. For a full account of all that, see my essay in Quillette, and also this write-up in the Daily Caller.

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