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The WHO’s Stealth Campaign to Avoid Public Scrutiny on New Gender Guidelines

The American Museum of Supernatural History

Weekly Reality Report

Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria and the U.S. Transgender Survey of 2015: A Response to Critics

Anthropology Brings Back Bestiaries

The Sex Wars Conference

California Institutes Another Candyland Law

Dr. Colin Wright

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The 2023 Dutch Debate Over Youth Transitions

No, Ayaan, Christianity Can’t Win The Civilizational War

The End of WPATH: Introducing the Gender Framework

A Gender Doctor’s Descent Into Medical Extremism

No Sex Please, We’re Anthropologists

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Women’s Art Exhibit Featuring Detransitioner Portraits Vandalized in San Francisco

The Problems With ‘Gender Identity’

Scenes From the Road of De-Trans Activism, Part 2: Ireland, England, and Scotland

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Sex On Trial

Defending Reality: My Expert Testimony on the Biology of Sex

Accurate Transition Regret and Detransition Rates Are Unknown

Scenes From the Road of De-Trans Activism, Part 1: The USA

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Academic Freedom and the Gender Wars

Why Isn’t There More Incel Violence?

Allowing Transwomen to Compete in Women’s Chess Would Be Just as Problematic as Any Other Sport

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Testimony, or Evidence?

Are There Sex-Based Differences in Athletic Performance Before Puberty?

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Denmark Joins the List of Countries Who Have Sharply Restricted Youth Gender Transitions

Can Females Rule the Hive?

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Critical Appraisal of ‘Long-Term Regret and Satisfaction With Decision Following Gender-Affirming Mastectomy’

Do These Hybrid Ants Have ‘Four Sexes’?

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Alfred Kinsey: The Father of Modern Deviancy

A Primer on Conducting a Systematic Review of Evidence

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Yale Provides Dangerous Misinformation About Alcohol to Undergrads

Neil deGrasse Tyson Should Stick to Physics

Feminism or Conservatism: Which Is to Blame for Trans Ideology?

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Etsy Equates ‘Detransitioner Awareness’ Designs With Hatred

A De-Transitioner’s Review of Elliot Page’s ‘Pageboy’

STUDY ANALYSIS: Transgender Identity and Suicide Attempts and Mortality in Denmark

Is There a Doctor in the House?

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Medical Journal’s False Consensus on ‘Gender-Affirming Care’

Is There a Bias Against Women in Exercise Research?

The American Academy of Pediatrics sidelines formal proposal to revise Pediatric Medical Transition policy for the 4th consecutive year

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The USADA Allows Doping by Pretending There Are Sexless Runners

The US Equality Act Must Be Stopped

How Androgynous Fashion Tricked Me Into Being Transgender

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They Keep Getting Younger and Younger

Meditations on the Betrayal of Science

Anatomy of a Scientific Scandal

When Healthcare Hurts: Iatrogenic Harm in Gender Medicine

The Gender Revolution Comes for Biology Textbooks

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They Are Scared

A Pediatrician’s Manifesto for the Modernization of Gender Medicine

Reflections of a Firebrand

Worker Bees Are Female, Not ‘Nonbinary’

BREAKING: Second Lawsuit Filed in US Against Medical Transition of Minors

Don’t Take Pride in Promoting Pseudoscience

Springer to Retract a Key Paper in Response to Activist Demands

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A New Paper Sheds Light on Transition Regret and Detransition

Sex Isn’t All About Chromosomes

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Ask Me Anything!

Trans Activists Have No Right to Pervert the English Language

Medium Censored My Article Defending the Rights of Women and Lesbians

Gender Ideology’s Shaky Twin Pillars

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Six Books for Students of Evolutionary Biology

Why the Right Needs More Atheism

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We’re Not Going Away: My Response to the New York Times Hit Piece

Questioning Sexual Identities

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Living in an ‘As If’ World

Gametes Are Not an ‘Arbitrary Definition’ of Biological Sex

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Denying the Human Sex Binary Turns Biology into Nonsense

The Sex Binary vs. Sexual Dimorphism

A Biologist Explains Why Sex Is Binary

TALK: Debunking Myths About the Biology of Sex

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Current Concerns About Gender-Affirming Therapy in Adolescents

Responding to a ‘Fabulous Takedown’ of My Work

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Gender and Religion in America

Join me on Notes!

Avoid the ‘Intersex Trap’

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The Sex Binary is Not ‘High School Biology’

The Fallacy of the Slippery Slope in the Gender Wars

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An 8th Grade Girl Explains Why Male Athletes Should Not Be Allowed in Women’s Sports

Beware the Univariate Fallacy

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Wokeness Won’t Stop Unless We Stop It

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New Detransitioner Announces Intent To Sue For Childhood Medical Transition

A Viral Twitter Thread Gets Sex Wrong

The False Dichotomy of Nice vs. Mean

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Gender Ideology Impacts Everyone

Why I’m Leaving The Daily Wire

Debunking Pseudoscience: ‘Multimodal Models of Animal Sex’

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Critical Race Parenting: Race Essentialism for Kids

Who or What Is to Blame for Gender Ideology?

My Views Were Cringe. But I Learned from Them.

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I Was Fired for Supporting Women’s Sex-Based Rights. Now I’m Suing.

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DEI Is Destroying My University

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You’re Probably a Eugenicist

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Underdog Syndrome: The Right’s Victimhood Complex

Puberty Blockers Fast-Track Children Toward Full Gender Transition

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The Left’s Complex Relationship with Medicine

Pfizer’s ‘Directed Evolution’ and Other Big Pharma Word Games

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Republicans, Don't Alienate the Atheists

The Lowdown on the Pronoun Throwdown

The Ideological Intensification of DEI in STEM

Pronoun Throwdown: Should ‘Preferred Pronouns’ Be Respected?

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BREAKING: New Documents Reveal Shocking Surge in Trans-Identified Students in Davis, CA Schools

Social Media and the Rise of Performative Mental Illness

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Skinning Kittens and Other Wrong Turns in Life

Gender Medicine’s Dutch Studies Are Fatally Flawed

Think Cancel Culture Doesn’t Exist? My Own ‘Lived Experience’ Says Otherwise

Sex Differences in the Weightroom

5 False Assumptions Behind Youth Gender Transitions